The care provider makes a note of some personal information and of the conversations that have been held with you. He/she saves this in a file. You can be confident that all of the information that the care provider receives from you will be treated as confidential. The care provider is bound by professional duty of confidentiality.

Your file is in a secure online environment. In the Lumens privacy regulations, it is recorded which persons have access to your data. You have the right to peruse your file or to enter changes into your file.

You can get into your file at any time with your password and user name.

Your personal information is destroyed after a period of time. If, in the interest of the provision of care, it would be helpful to consult with someone else (e.g. your family doctor) the care provider may only do so if you give permission beforehand. If necessary for your safety or the possible protection of children, Lumens is authorized to breech its duty of confidentiality and, without permission, to supply information to third parties.